VirtualSC Summer 2018 Final Exam Glossary

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Kershaw County Adult Education

Wednesday, Aug 1st
Thursday, Aug 2nd

Exam Location: ATEC Campus Building C

Note: All students must be in building prior to 12pm in order to complete their exams. Exams will only be given on August 1 & 2, 2018.

Contact: Bridgett Bailey 

Contact's Email:

Alternate Contact:   

Alternate Contact's Email:

ProctorU:  Students are not authorized to use ProctorU proctoring service.

District:  Other/Not listed

School: Kershaw County Adult Education

Kingstree Senior High School

Tuesday, July 31st  

Wednesday, August 1st

Exam Location: West Campus Computer Lab

Contact: Marguerite Joe

Contact's Email: MJoe@WCSD.K12.SC.US

District:  Williamsburg

School: Kingstree Senior High School